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There‚Äôs nothing like a good story and I’ve been telling good ones for years. I’m skilled with words, video and photography and I have a gift for capturing the natural world.

But I can help you, your organization or your company tell its story no matter the topic. I’m adept at gathering large amounts of information and turning it into engaging and readable prose. I speak scientist but I also speak Main Street.

I can create content that informs, inspires and entertains, be it print or digital, reports or blog posts, brochures or social media. I’ve written thousands of reports, blog posts and other items while meeting just as many deadlines.

But wait, there’s more. Being a journalist taught me how to communicate, how to work with people and how to sit down and talk with someone I’ve never met. Maybe it’s the scientist in me but I also like to know how the means lead to the end, a desire that helps in managing projects and meeting deadlines.

Here’s a reference letter explaining why I, as a former journalist, would be a good hire for your company or organization.

I’m also familiar with the non-profit world. I volunteer for two local organizations and have logged many hours of public outreach and development writing. I boosted Twitter followers for a local history organization by more than 50 percent and created videos and a YouTube channel for it that has garnered hundreds of views.

What I Can Do For You

Copy for reports, brochures, corporate materials

Content for websites and blogs

Personal, family, corporate histories

Social media management

In the meantime, check out my blog (a collection of thoughts and stuff rooted in the Hudson Valley) and follow me on social media. Better yet, contact me with any work or employment opportunities. Check out my resume.

(Under Construction—More Coming Soon.)